3 Easy Steps To Order Your Custom Wedding Bobbleheads

Are you planning for a wedding? Do you want to make your wedding more memorable for all parties? It should be your goal to make your wedding memorable for you, your partner, and all the participants in your wedding celebration. The one way to do it is to create a special icon for your wedding day, which people can remember about. Custom wedding bobblehead dolls are perfect for that. It can be used as your special wedding icon which you can use as cake toppers, as well as gifts for your guests.


Ordering customized bobblehead dolls for your wedding is very simple and easy. Here are 3 easy steps to order your custom wedding bobbleheads:


  1. Choose the bobblehead doll maker that offers the best deal. Giving bobblehead dolls to your wedding guests might cost you a lot of money, but if you make small bobblehead dolls in big quantities, then many bobblehead doll makers will be willing to give you some big discounts. So, the first thing that you have to do is to find the best deal for your bobblehead doll creation. You can also limit the gifts to your special guests only.


  1. Prepare a photo that will become the model for your personalized bobbleheads. Once you’ve found the bobblehead maker that you want to use, it is the time for you to prepare the photo that will become the model for your bobblehead dolls. The photo should be related to your wedding. It can be your pre-wedding photo. You should choose the one that symbolizes your love with your partner, since you want your guests to remember your gifts.


  1. Order enough bobblehead dolls and wait for delivery. You should ensure that the bobblehead dolls that you order for your wedding should be enough for you to give away. This is because you can’t just order additional bobblehead dolls when you are out of stock. It needs time to create, and thus, it is important for you to calculate the number of dolls that you will need for your guests. Then, you just need to wait for the custom bobbleheads maker to deliver your ordered dolls.